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30th-Mar-2014 08:19 am - Cute love story

For those who have difficulty understanding English, the second video has subtitles in Portuguese. Enjoy. ^_^

4th-Feb-2014 12:01 pm - Kyaaa!!! OMG!!!
Amazing! Would love to experience this!!!!

These two photographers have had an unbelievable experience, and why not say scary at the same time. They were watching a group of wild gorillas in Uganda when, suddenly, the group approached one of them and began "to welcome".

The alpha male is so huge (the gorilla silver back). It´s noteworthy that the photographer behaved in an exemplary manner with the group, especially when the alpha male is present.

15th-Jan-2014 04:44 pm - Really!!!

J was made by a Korean artist named Rovo Jin.
If you want to learn more, here are blog Rovo Jin:
http://blog.naver.com/rovo_jin (It's in Korean, at least you can look at the pictures.

I would like one of these.
The Christmas advert from this store is very cute, best day like today to share it, and take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. :D

The music is by Lily Allen.

29th-Nov-2013 08:11 pm - Hey, help us here, okay?
Dog helping your family. :) How cute!!

27th-Nov-2013 04:56 pm - Let's work out!!!!
A video to cheer up you to start a day doing exercises. :)
So cute. :)

8th-Nov-2013 10:38 am - Touching
Interesting how a little help can change a person and allow to continue to struggle in their day to day, but of course, we have to take into account the fact that the person wanting to change too. :)

29th-Oct-2013 11:39 am - Nice arrival.
What a beautiful landscape when the plane approaches the airport in Queenstown, New Zealand.
I found half fearful when the plane passes through the clouds, hehe.
I hope in the near future knowing that country. :)

Music: Paradise - Coldplay.
14th-Oct-2013 10:42 am - Cool
This group called Smallpools saw a piano with an automatic system, in the lobby of a building, and decided to make a video of a song from them, without anyone's permission. Thankfully the police cooperated.
The song is called Dreaming.
I found it very cool. :)

16th-Sep-2013 10:48 am - Beautiful
I was speechless and touched. I think the world needs more of that.

Video made by the Thai telecommunications company True Move H. Great.
Watch and think.

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